My First Gallery Showing in Tokyo!


Starting Oct 16, I and 7 other artists here in the Tokyo area will be showing at the Hagiso gallery in the Yanaka neighborhood next to Nippori Train Station.

My Four Seasons Hanging Scroll Project is finally coming to fruition. Lots of fun little sakura, colorful summer flowers, multiple colors of momiji and white snowflakes are the core of my project exploring the updating of my personal internal clock since moving here to Japan.

Markers of time such as Thanksgiving, Tax Day and Halloween are not observed here in Japan so I needed to find a new clock. Japan celebrates the fleeting, ephemeral beauty of nature. Every month there is a new flower in peak bloom or the momiji are turning colors.

Check back to see when my Crochet with the Artist session will be at the Hagiso Gallery:

Hagiso Gallery Access/Map:

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