My Neighbor’s Ajisai flowers in full bloom

In my lovely little neighborhood, around the corner, there is a spindly little ajisai plant. It minds its own business, tucked next to a wall between homes, never being noticed. When the days become long and warm, the sun is reaching through the clouds, the little neighborhood ajisai bursts forth with the loveliest bunches of lavender, periwinkle, blues, and purple shades of hydrangea. Posing for the camera with fresh droplets of rain still adorning her petals; my neighborhood ajisai says hello:

Satin Bow – Not the same as tying my shoes

That beautiful, shiny, slippery satin ribbon takes some real talent to get just the right bow!  I thought it would be easy, just like tying my shoes. Not. After all the sewing, designing, crocheting and embroidery, I know I have some skills. Yet, Multiple failures and flashbacks from my mother's shoe tying lessons drove me to Google how to tie a perfect satin bow. For the future, it would be best to stick with crochet & sewing... Stop by Hagiso from October 16 - 27, 2013 to see the completed piece. 7 additional artists in the Tokyo Art Byte  will also have work on display for the Tokyo Spidering 東京クローラ Show.

My First Gallery Showing in Tokyo!

Starting Oct 16, I and 7 other artists here in the Tokyo area will be showing at the Hagiso gallery in the Yanaka neighborhood next to Nippori Train Station. My Four Seasons Hanging Scroll Project is finally coming to fruition. Lots of fun little sakura, colorful summer flowers, multiple colors of momiji and white snowflakes are the core of my project exploring the updating of my personal internal clock since moving here to Japan. Markers of time such as Thanksgiving, Tax Day and Halloween are not observed here in Japan so I needed to find a new clock. Japan celebrates the fleeting, ephemeral beauty of nature. Every month there is a new flower in peak bloom or the momiji are turning colors. Check back to see when my Crochet with the Artist session will be at the Hagiso Gallery: Hagiso Gallery Access/Map: