“…But how do I describe it?”


Frustrated. That’s how my husband felt after he spent an evening with friends attempting to  describe my art work. He asked my why I couldn’t just do something that was easy to describe. My biggest cheerleader and I never gave him a clue as to what my work was all about, what my motivation and most especially the Japanese vocabulary!

So here goes, dear:

Most basically my work is The Four Seasons (shiki, 四季) presented on cotton fabric (men, 綿) hanging scroll style (kakejiku, 掛け軸). Each season’s motif, such as sakura or momiji, is hand crocheted (kagibariami, かぎ針編み) and a unique scene is created on each scroll combining the motifs with embroidery thread. I paint with thread and yarn.

And DH? Don’t forget to tell them about the Gallery Show at Hagiso in October.   www.TokyoSpidering.wordpress.com