Blinged my Verdure Scarf

Using glass beads I purchased from La Droguerie yarn and bead shop in Shibuya my lovely hand crocheted Verdure Scarf now has added sparkles:


50% Silk/50% Alpaca yarn from La Droguerie, this yarn is absolutely A. Maz. Ing! It feels like crocheting a cloud whenever I use it.

So light, so soft, so comfortable in which to work. I covet it. Every single horribly expensive inch of it.

Fat Squirrel Speaks Podcast CAL is my excuse to buy more :)

She is having a “Squirrel it away cowl” Crochet Along/Knit Along which goes through October 28, 2013 so I’ve started a lovely crochet cowl using a couple of lace patterns for my MIL.



La Droguerie has shops in France and Japan and is a cute little yarn shop with lots of buttons, beads and baubles to make the most adorable and boho yarn-y things. Scarves with beads, little creatures with button-y eyes. Beautiful yarns in the most beautiful colors make this yarn shop absolutely worth the visit if you happen to be in France or Japan.

Nomad Crocheter

In June, yet again, I found myself moving…Move #27 arrived the same day I left on a 3-week trip through Thailand and Bali with 3 amazing women.

By nightfall on moving day the stress of boxes and packing paper quickly changed to the stress of international airline travel and the airplane morphed into my new studio. With a de-stash acquisition of a thin blue 99%wool/1%nylon yarn, my newest project became a simple scarf.  Simple, Meditative, with a quiet pattern. Narrow, at only 4 inches (10cm) but with a plan to make it as long as I had yarn with which to crochet, it became an easy companion.

This scarf was the best option for a busy backpacker style tour through Thailand; small enough to fit in a small protective zip bag, simple enough to not worry about a complicated pattern and crushable to stuff into my small suitcase.

While I didn’t finish this scarf on the trip, that’s a good thing. Thailand and Bali were so wonderful and the so food amazing that I was too busy to complete it!

Upon my return to Tokyo I hit the ground running to find a new place to live and didn’t get back to working on the scarf until this past week. The original idea for this scarf came from one of my favorite, albeit, expensive yarn shops in Shibuya, La Droguerie.  A narrow knitted scarf/necklace with bead work on the ends was exactly what my stressed out self needed to get through all this moving and traveling around.

While the crochet work has been finished I still call it a Work in Progress because I have yet to get to the store to choose the beaded end pieces. I’d like to expand upon the idea of just to searching for a nice clip to attach whatever the user may need to keep handy. Items such as keys, stitch markers, an ID tag…What might you like to keep handy at the end of your scarf?