FOUND! – No Longer Seeking Australian Yarn Dyer :)

Are you a reliable, indy yarn dyer in Australia? I am creating a large scale wire & yarn hand-crocheted Tropical Butterfly Garden art installation in Queensland, Australia to be completed in March/April of 2015. To construct this large piece I am seeking a reliable yarn source for specially dyed yarns the colors of various butterflies,Continue reading “FOUND! – No Longer Seeking Australian Yarn Dyer :)”

Spring Cherry Blossom Hanging Scroll

Spring cotton hanging scroll: Design inspiration to completion. From a photo I took last spring of Cherry Trees in a park across the street… to a sketch using #2 and colored pencils… to the final crochet and embroidery design created on cotton: Each sakura is individually hand crocheted and then embroidered detail is added toContinue reading “Spring Cherry Blossom Hanging Scroll”