FOUND! – No Longer Seeking Australian Yarn Dyer :)

Are you a reliable, indy yarn dyer in Australia?

I am creating a large scale wire & yarn hand-crocheted Tropical Butterfly Garden art installation in Queensland, Australia to be completed in March/April of 2015. To construct this large piece I am seeking a reliable yarn source for specially dyed yarns the colors of various butterflies, caterpillars, flowers & plants native to north Queensland.

The types of butterflies I would like to use most are the Cairns Birdwing, Ulysses, Blue Triangle and the Lurcher. My project would set these butterflies in each of their lifecycle stages within a wire crocheted structure with yarn accents, such as the leaves & flowers of their preferred environments. Such as the Dutchman for the Cairns birdwing and the Evodia for the Ulysses.

I would need enough yarn to practice creating the designs, to build the project, and for workshops I will be teaching when the Tropical Butterfly Garden art installation is complete.

I’m not looking to create scientifically accurate crocheted butterflies, simply very recognizable species of approximately life-sized in what looks very recognizably as their preferred natural settings.

The yarn I’m thinking for the butterflies is something like a fingering weight with a sheen, as iridescent as possible.
Similarly thin yarn for designing the flowers.

The leaves would be varying shades of green and in varying weight yarns. A couple of the species I will create are the Australian Fan Palm, Dutchman Vine, and low lying plants such as the Purple Waffle Plant. Also, the barks of larger trees with browns and grays.

Please let me know if you’d be interested in helping me complete my Tropical Butterfly Garden Art Installation project. I’d be happy to provide more details and hopefully we can discuss feasibility, timelines, yarns, colors and pricing soon.