Photography, Video, & Studio Time…


In the studio I continue to work on my macro photography and am happy with the results. Always room for improvement, of course and with each new lesson I learn in Photoshop I find I am able to take better photographs the next time. Some days the best photo editing is the delete button.


Moving beyond a lovely photograph I am working with creating shadows with the wire. Unfortunately the rainy season seems to have moved in over a month late. Plus my home has the strange privacy windows that are frosted. Nice for taking photos but are the worst for creating shadows. Need to move my work outside my home to see the final results.

In a wonderful surprise, I found my work on display, ready for sale at the Hawaii State Art Museum’s Gallery Shop Opening Event!! Thank you, thank you, thank you ever so much to Mori & Lisa Shiroma =) Their support for local artists in Hawaii is epic!

Waterfall Drop piece, 75cm x 10cm, a short vid to see what a simple photograph cannot capture.


Almost done with this piece, double stranded 20 gauge wire with very unique, handmade beadwork. Another experiment in shapes, forms, colors, and putting the beads on in the correct order. The beads need to be added first and in a backwards fashion to the final pattern. Somehow I got them on sideways to the original pattern. With wire it is a done deal, it’s “Make it Work” as Tim Gunn would say. We’ll see soon what the final results will be.

Bernice Akamine

PhotoCredit: Bernice Akamine/Kahilu Theatre Galleries(?)

I’ve learned a lot from listening to Bernice Akamine speak in person. I’ve learned a lot from her work both as a wire artist and an artist with a strong message as a native Hawai’ian Cultural Practitioner. I highly recommend going to see her work and attending her Artist Talk on Saturday, Aug 19. Ever so disappointed I won’t be in Hawaii during the show but I hope you attend. Listen. What will you learn from her?

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  • Sharon Stafford

    Hello! :) Nice post! Can’t wait to see the beaded piece … (also a Tim Gunn fan)

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