Epic Zen Knitting Project Done!

#37 Learn to Knit

Maybe not really epic to the rest of the world but on my little bucket list it is now a box with a great big check mark in it! I have finished my very first knitting project!!

The only goal was to use the entire skein of yarn using stitches however they came out. No pattern. Minimal goal. Just Zen Knitting.

One can see the many mistakes I made in during practice sessions, usually at Knit Group in Hawaii or here in Japan. Or sometimes on the bus or the train.

It flows like conversations; hesitantly, boisterously, in fits & starts, or flowing from one subject to another.

This goal has been almost 2 years in the making, never a top priority but important nonetheless.
Big Thank You to the Aloha Knitters on Oahu for your guidance and patience while I learned. Big arigatou gozaimashita to the ever supportive knit groups in both Tokyo & Yokohama for your support and encouragement as I neared the finish line =)

What’s next?
*Adds new line to bucket list*
I have had a request for socks. They are knitworthy and hopefully patient as it may be another 2 years before this next goal is completed.
Sock knitting research commencing…