Exploring Toba Nakamichi

Visited the lovely seaside town of Toba Mie Prefecture, this week. Toba is well worth the visit. Gorgeous in that it has been able to keep a lot of it’s old character in the beautiful wooden buildings, temples, shrines, and continue to be friendly and outgoing to visitors.

Soaked in a bit of quiet, rural Japan and attended the Toba Stories Art Project.  Stayed at the KAMOMEnb guesthouse near the train station.

A photo journey of my visit through Toba and the bonus of enjoying an exhibition by the students from Joshibi University. Their task; to speak with the people of Toba and create artwork from these conversations.

Toba CityToba City

Accountant Tanuki
HabuShyuu Tanuki


At Sainenji Temple, Artist Sarah Brasier spotted these two little cats in an antique hanging scroll which she chose to recreate in a single painting. Their very oddness, as if the original painter had never seen cats irl.
Pinhole Camera Photography by Furuichi Kako
Furuichi Kako’s Pinhole Camera Photography in the gorgeous Kadoya Bldg


Glass work by Ootake Mika in Kadoya Bldg
Ootake Mika: In Toba-shi “…I feel there is a shared space rather than a flow of time.”
Kubo Miki – Oil on Canvas
Omori Miho: Spinning Lite
Kadoya Bldg – Previously a drugstore, it was the town’s bustling gathering point as remembered by a senior town member.
I find the best things in the most out of the way places! Yummy, lemon, basil seed drink from Thailand…at the Circle K :)

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