Uninterrupted Work

It has been such a luxury to have days and days in a row of uninterrupted time to just work on my Butterfly Rainforest! Each day brings such a huge amount of progress it leaves me so much to look forward the next day. While the photos don’t look like I’ve made much progress, actual measurements do! The tree is a total of 140cm tall and has been branching out. More leaves, more flowers, a trip to the hardware store and introducing a class to working with metals have been the highlights. Oh, and a few interviews, too!

A much needed trip to the hardware store led me to find what looks just like a Yoyoi Kusama art installation:


 I have now seen, in the wild, 3 of the 4 species of butterflies I’m including in my Butterfly Rainforest; the Ulysses, the Cairns Birdwing, and the Lurcher.  


Many have asked how big will the piece be? It will be as big a my supply of colored copper wire. Of which I now only have 10 spools of the 20 gauge. I started with about 70!


Up to 45 cm and growing…while I still have wire. 


Wire crocheting buttress roots and stabilizing the tree trunk at the same time. 


Adding yarn for color and texture,


A lovely sky at dusk:


Only two weeks left until the Launch and my Artist Talk at Cairns Botanic Gardens Visitor’s Centre, 2PM. 

For more day to day progress on my wire crocheted Butterfly Rainforest art installation, follow me on Instagram: Studio Deanna. 

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