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What I see in Nice, France…

It has been a very busy year for me and I find myself with an amazing set of photographs showing that while I’m not a great photographer I enjoy simply taking photographs of random inspirational bits along the way.

Unique color combinations, abstract forms, and mundane activities all become part of my odd travel photo album. They are unlikely to inspire one to begin making travel plans of their own but maybe you’ll find a new way to see your very own places!

My favorite shoes travel with me everywhere; Hawai’i’s own Olu Kai slippers.  My Ho’opio’s are perfect for walking on Nice’s stone beaches. I found a calm, neutral color way in the early dawn light while waiting for friends to finish their excruciatingly early swim.

Utilizing Adobe’s Capture App I am able to pick out exactly which shades catch my eye, recreating the calm feeling I enjoyed that morning each time I see it.

Much later in the day I felt the bright, summer colors become a shade warmer in the early evening setting sun and photographed the colors in the same Adobe Capture App.

I spent a fair amount of time happily waiting for friends at Massena Square. Loved this vivid mix of old world architecture, modern art installations, and the busyness of the tram loaded with people coming and going. I took quite a few photographs such as this abstract black and white piece of the stonework on the plaza.

Lo Next stop; The Marc Chagall Museum. Not being a painter or glass artist, I’m not sure I appreciate his work as much as I should but I am fascinated by the strong blue colors he uses throughout his various works. 

There is a complete article re my adventures at the Marc Chagall Museum coming soon.

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