New Year 2020 Intentions at Studio Deanna

It’s been a roller coaster couple of years with lows through muddy puddles and highs in the stratosphere. While I haven’t had much time to process these adventures I will be taking the time in 2020 to examine where I’ve been, what I’ve enjoyed, and how it all fits together in my artistic practice and the resulting sculptural outputs.

Ocean Blues – Colored Copper Wire

Literally getting lost in museums is now my superpower. Taking photos as much as possible along the way, including any signage posted will help me properly attribute the works which impressed me most. My posts will not be in any chronological order to my travels but in an order of how I have connected them with regards to my practice, my learning, or even simply a color scheme that has captured my curiosity.

My favorite colors in which to work are on sale with my favorite supplier and Pantone has announced Classic Blue for 2020 and I’m ready for it all.

Lets’s embrace the joy we find in 2020!

Published by Studio Deanna Welcome! I’m Deanna, a metals & fiber artist creating sculptures and wall art installations. My work is very tactile, 2D & 3D textiles and often takes organic forms inspired by our natural planet. My international experiences have provided the opportunity to swim in the gorgeous tropical waters around Hawai’i, hiking in the rainforests of Far North Queensland, and the breathtaking beauty in Africa. Utilizing my custom-made steel tools, my favorite pieces to create are large-gauge wire crochet sculptures. My meticulously handcrafted designs will enrich your office, home, and outdoor living spaces. Currently I am dividing my time between the Tokyo Bay Area and Hawai’i and am open for commission art works.