Stitch Swap Score!

De-Clutter. Stash Down. De-Stash. Organizing. Which ever you do to remove the old, unwanted items from your studio, you know it feels great when you’ve unloaded those extras.

Our local stitch groups held a really, really free Stitch Swap to help each other with a bit of spring cleaning. Some members are moving back to their home country so we all had a good selection and a great opportunity to try out new yarns and supplies.

I was able to unload several books and a big, bunch of extra crochet hooks I had laying around. We all tell ourselves that we won’t pick anything up but seriously, I know better. I always have a running list of items I’d like to purchase on my next trip to my local craft store so if the item was already on my list, then it was ok to pick up. Plus, I only brought a small backpack to ensure I didn’t have room for much more than I brought :)

So how did I do? Weight-wise I came out ahead, I took heavier items and returned with much smaller lighter-weight items.

Just last week I was wondering how weird I would look to pick up one of each color of embroidery floss from the huge bank of DMC & Lucien drawers of floss colors. I’ve saved myself the embarrassment by picking up a big messy, ball of floss.

IMG_0317After an hour of organizing I am now the proud owner a huge rainbow of floss colors!


IMG_0320A piece of leather and buttons in just the right colors to enhance my art book ideas.

Sparkly Star felt and plain felt for a SuperStar Sewer project.IMG_0326

IMG_0327Purple. I just can’t resist Purple.

Embroidery Floss neatly organized for storage or my next project: IMG_0321

Purple Baby Alpaca Scarf – DONE!!

Before the End of 2013, I will finish...this lovely lavender, 100% Baby Alpaca scarf.  75grams of super warm, squishy softness in varying shades of lavenders, has been my train companion for the past several weeks. Whenever I can get a seat on the train, I pull out a special crochet project. One that is small enough to not disturb my neighbors and yet simple enough so I don’t need to keep referring to a pattern.

At a completed size of 130cm x 14cm (51″ x 5 1/2″) IMG_0074this beautiful scarf has been the perfect train project. So lightweight and compact it easily fit into the airline regulation ziploc bag to keep it safe as it bounced around in my bag as I bounced around Tokyo.

A month or so ago I completed a big yummy, chunky infinity scarf and have since sadly discovered I really do not like infinity scarves. They look great but I need a super warm scarf that wraps ’round and ’round like a mummy to keep the chill from seeping down my neck. IMG_0073This lovely scarf will fit that need and is super compact in my bag.

Not sure what to do with my beautiful super, chunky infinity scarf…maybe when it’s a bit warmer I can wear it as a fashion statement. sigh.