Art Book: Hand-embroidered Map with Sequins!

Got a lot done this weekend! In between my crochet projects and spring cleaning, I completed another hand-emboidered art book using modern flight maps and textured fabrics.

IMG_0001 Continuing my series of embellishing old world designs onto modern maps brought me to Paris and I remembered the Montgolfier Brothers are credited with the first manned flight by creating the hot air ballon. They then demonstrated a version, highly decorated, complete with red and white bunting, to King Louis VXI of France back in 1783.

IMG_0008 Hand-embroidered hot air balloon is completed with hand crocheted bunting and hand stitched sequins.

Open map size is approximately 50cm x 38cm. The map is both glued and hand stitched to the cover to ensure durability.


IMG_0006Folding, Step 1

IMG_0005 Folding Step 2

A big button and hand crocheted lace thread closure in a coordinating light blue. Fully bound my fun little art book measures approximately 13cm x 15cm.


Mamebon 豆本 – Mini Art Book

Finished my first mini Art Book! A nice little mamebon, which means bean-sized book in Japanese. At a small 6cm x 6cm when closed you can see how it compares to a 100yen coin:



It opens to a length of 16cm…



The mini modern map piece measures 10cm in diameter with the hand-embroidered old sailing ship about 5cm in height.



The back cover:

IMG_0300Thank you for looking!

Migration? Navigation? – Embroidery & Fabric Art Book

This time I’ve chosen a modern map as a base for my latest Art Book, juxtaposing it with an old world theme titled, “The World is Flat.”  *Update: The more pieces I complete in this project the more it speaks to me, whispering that this is not a good title. Words such as, migration, or navigation feel like a better fit this project that covers the movement of people and animals around the world.*

Using a map of western Mexico that includes a bit of Baja California and the ocean for variety,

IMG_0289I’ve hand embroidered an old world, Aztec-style design of a compass rose onto the map in deep turquoise, gold and lapis blue colors.

The best part of this project is I’ve been able to use materials already in my studio stash! A thick upholstery fabric for the book body, coordinating threads, maps and glue mediums. Over the years I’ve collected a large stack of beautiful maps and feel like I’ve finally found a use worthy of them.

IMG_0290 A Chain Stitch Spine.

IMG_0291 The book cover includes a pocket to hold the map edge, for a pen, or other navigational tools.

IMG_0292It all folds up into a neat roll approx 25cm x 11cm using a bit of natural  string and strategically placed buttons to wind it closed for safe keeping.