Art Book: Hand-embroidered Map with Sequins!

Got a lot done this weekend! In between my crochet projects and spring cleaning, I completed another hand-emboidered art book using modern flight maps and textured fabrics.

IMG_0001 Continuing my series of embellishing old world designs onto modern maps brought me to Paris and I remembered the Montgolfier Brothers are credited with the first manned flight by creating the hot air ballon. They then demonstrated a version, highly decorated, complete with red and white bunting, to King Louis VXI of France back in 1783.

IMG_0008 Hand-embroidered hot air balloon is completed with hand crocheted bunting and hand stitched sequins.

Open map size is approximately 50cm x 38cm. The map is both glued and hand stitched to the cover to ensure durability.


IMG_0006Folding, Step 1

IMG_0005 Folding Step 2

A big button and hand crocheted lace thread closure in a coordinating light blue. Fully bound my fun little art book measures approximately 13cm x 15cm.


Published by Studio Deanna

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