HoursTracker – Lepidoptera, Algebra & Crochet

According to my HoursTracker App, this past week, I have completed 17 hours 15 minutes of Research & Development and 47 minutes of Marketing. But just what have I accomplished in this time?

I’m getting ready to place a big colored-copper wire order and wanted to be sure of the gauges, colors, prices and which company  will send their items to me in Japan at the most reasonable price within a reasonable timeframe. Of course, it is difficult to make direct comparisons as one company sells by the yard, another by the  meter and yet another by the 1/4 pound! Due to proprietary metals compositions and permanent coloring techniques there is no way a simple yards to meters conversion will give me a good complete picture. And by the 1/4 pound? Puh-leez! There is no algebra professor that can find that kind of “X”!

So I made a few wire crochet studies to be sure of the gauges that will be best. Last week was the Tunisian Crochet experiments. This past week was working a doily pattern which I completely misread by the 3rd row! Thankfully, it was the wire work look and feel I was testing not my pattern reading!


IMG_0026 Off the clock, I chose to layer the wire crocheted pieces, combine them with fun destash yarn and created a wall hanging sculpture that I’ll insert into a deep box frame.

My lepidoptera research has been going over my photographs of various Butterflies native to Queensland, Australia, learning their wing colors, both on top and the bottom which is often very different. Googling what their eggs, caterpillar, and chrysalis look like along with which flora species they prefer. I am super excited that this will be a bright & beautiful project when it’s completed.

A bit more research went into locker hooking techniques to help me recreate the rainforest floor. Thanks so much for all those YouTube posters who have happily shared their knowledge. This morning I’ll tackle a sample piece.

The Marketing time is mostly adding to this website and posting daily progress to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, tumblr…

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