Honolulu Biennial @ IBM Bldg

More volunteer adventures today at the Honolulu Biennial with work by three internationally renowned artists:

Choi Jeong Hwa’s Breathing Flower is not a bounce house despite the best efforts of young children. A blower within regulates its inflation so it acts as a breathing entity. 

Being an artist myself, I see it as a good lesson in material and color choices. I don’t know how old this specific piece is but it has markedly faded in the sunlight. Is this simply a poor color choice or would a different material in this color held up better. The material itself seems to be sturdy enough otherwise. 

Zhan Wang’s Artificial Rock is a beautiful shiny recreation of a real rock formation. Love it! I am curious as to why the artist chose to create it in steel instead of aluminum? Considering his work is shipped around the world wouldn’t aluminum be lighter weight, less expensive to ship and be easier for art handlers? Or is aluminum that much more expensive in China? 

Yayoi Kusama’s I’m Here, but Nothing is a Hawaiian style room with uv lights and her glowing polka dots everywhere. Her original vision here was to use antique furniture however with Hawaii’s tropical climate and distance from everywhere else, antique furniture is a very difficult order to fulfill. Hawaiian style was negotiated complete with Hawaiian quilt and surfboard!

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