Honolulu Biennial @ Foster Botanical Garden

My volunteering adventures with the Honolulu Biennial started here at Foster Botanical Gardens, chilling in the shade next to Yayoi Kusama’s Footprints of Life. I first saw these pieces at Design Sight 2121 in Tokyo several years ago and it was interesting to see them again in this new environment and in this new capacity.

They are so very inviting that children want to climb on them and adults want to sit but they are not structurally sound enough to be park benches.


Please do not sit on me, I am not a Park Bench, Thank You :)

Sean Connelly is an artist from Hawaii who has built a piece addressing ahupua’a, which is a Hawaiian way of land ownership that is uniquely different from the Western idea of a specific property ownership. I learned a lot about Hawaii in my conversation with him. Thanks, Sean!

Andrew Binkley’s Stone Cloud floats in the air amongst the trees as boulders don’t. Visitors have been taking forced perspective photos of each other holding up this huge rock. The stone that is both there and not there, both permenant and impermanent. Andrew has been a great addition to our studio space in Kaka’ako.


Charlton Kupa’a Hee has created ceramic pieces showing the interactions of invasive species’ with many of the native species here in Hawaii. There are a huge number of both flora and fauna that have been brought to the islands that have had a devastating effect on the local life here. But amongst all of them the most destructive has been humans themselves!

As I sat in Lynne Yamamoto’s Borrowed Time, enjoying the afternoon sun, she walked up and we had a lovely conversation about her inspiration. Her own family who have lived in the area around the Foster Botanical Garden for several generations and how cross-cultural and from varied economic levels most Hawaiian families are. Yes, we may interact with her piece :)

Stop by the Foster Botanical Garden to see these unique pieces, visit their website for more details about the Gardens.

Visit www.honolulubiennial.org for more location and event info!