Hawaii: New Home, New Art Work, New Directions

Hawai’i. My new home.

Hawai’i is dripping with rainbows, I can watch them skip across the sky on rainy afternoons.


Hawaii is a shock to my system. A Mexican avocado cost about US$1 in Japan, yet here in Hawaii the same avocado is usually sold for US$2.49. Ouch!

Hey, I thought to my self, go local and eat pineapple instead. I don’t think I’ve seen a pineapple smaller than 5lbs and as much as I love pineapple I don’t think I could eat all that before it went bad.

In between these experiences on my new island home I continue my wire crochet explorations. A bit of layering…


a bit of pattern testing…


More layers with more colors…



Being surrounded by water I am already feeling the influence of the ocean and have created a 2D wave patterned waterdrop design.


Sadly, I have also recently learned that 27, 000 gallons of fuel have leaked from storage containers directly above the drinking water aquifer for a large area of Oahu. This pushes my thoughts on the world’s water crisis to the forefront of my mind yet again.


Created a wire crocheted 3D non-potable water drop from colored copper wire.


I have been very lucky to have met some very wonderful people since moving here and already have a group show coming up August 8 at Square Barrels.

Secondly, I have had the opportunity to join a small group to complete a public art project tentatively scheduled for a Sept 2015 completion.  Spent some time this week working on prototype Helmet Urchin designs for that public art project.

IMG_1230 IMG_1235

I’m happy to say I’m busy. The good kind of busy.

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