Butterfly Rainforest – More Progress to Report

Happily, there is a lot of progress to report today! Still living and posting through my smart phone so apologies for typos and formatting issues that are likely to happen. I’ve also blown through the wifi data plan here at the house so thankfully my SIM card plan has unlimited data on the weekends! Yay! AND free international phone calls to several countries :0

Hang in there, art & crochet photos are forthcoming…so follow me on my Cairns adventures this past week:

On my walks through the Cairns Botanic Gardens I see something new each day. For the first time I spied the Desert Petunia, a favorite of the Lurcher Butterfly. I’m super pleased with the final crochet design I created.  

My design for the Native Dutchman Vine, a favorite of the Cairns Birdwing Butterfly went well also: 

Relaxing at the Esplanade is a must for visitor’s and residents of Cairns alike: 

There is no swimming or sunbathing on the beach due to crocodiles!

Dusk brings the spectacular Flying Fox bats to flight in search of dinner, or would that be their breakfast?

 The pink flowered Evodia tree continues to grow, the top branch section at approx 70cm: Trunk details; yarn-y bark work and the early stages of adding on the Strangler Fig:

Finally!! The pieces are starting to come together! A full 165cm of tree so far: 

I would love to see you at the launch on Friday, April 10 at 2PM here at the Cairns Botanic Gardens Visitor’s Centre:  

Interested in adding a bit of wire crochet to your already enjoyable fibre crochet repertoire?  I’ll be conducting a workshop on Saturday, April 11: 

Fibre crochet for beginner’s and intermediate levels are available the next week. Contact Tanks Arts Centre at 4032 6600. 

To see my day to day adventures and progress you are welcome to follow me on Instagram: Studio Deanna

Everyone in Cairns has been very welcoming and I greatly enjoyed the dinners over at a new friend’s home with her family and lifelong friends. She was very brave and decided to try a new chocolate fondue which was a smashing succes…until we wanted to dip the little Easter chicks, too! 

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