Verdure leaf-patterned scarf = DONE!

FINALLY!! I have a completed project that looks great too! After so many failed projects and good ideas that really turned out not to be good ideas, this feels nice. The failures left me a little hesitant to start any new projects, worried about yet another fail and a lot of lost time.


Using Solar Flair Fibre‘s, Where the Rainforest Meets the Reef Yarn Club‘s, Winter Rainforest colorway in the Zorya base, I crocheted 90cm (~36″) of a beautiful leaf pattern. The Verdure Pattern by Josephine Woo is available at

The pattern is both written and charted, easy to follow. Made 2 changes to the pattern to accommodate my personal taste:


1) Pattern Modification:
At the beginning of each row, the pattern calls for “ch 3″. Instead I chose to do the (CSDC) Chainless Starting Double Crochet found on Moogly’s Blog, for a much nicer edge.
Free Video Tutorial for CSDC:

2) Pattern Modification:
I didn’t like how the very tip of the end leaves finished off so I changed it to have a sturdier, more pointed finish.

After this success I am ready to jump into my next project! Wish me Luck!