The Latest Bits

Under a heavy cloud of jet lag I continue working in my new studio here in Japan. Setup was going well until I realized I somehow lost hardware for the bookcase. sigh.

*adds errand to the local hardware store to the ever growing to-do list*

We  at Art Byte Critique Group have been busy putting together a group application for a show in 2018. Really great to see we are a super diverse group of skilled artists in many of the necessary peripheral activities from graphic design to PR/DM. We have at least one person with experience in each area ready to jump in to make this show happen.

Still more jet lag ensues as I visit the New England area, yet I push through (with a few catnaps) and enjoyed the great opportunity to meet the lovely Sharon Stafford of @sharonstaffordmetals Amazing to sit down with another wire metals artist and bounce ideas around. Excited to see where our conversation takes us in the coming months.


Meticulously Hand-woven piece by Sharon Stafford

Sharon took me to Mobilia Gallery where they have work by one of my greatest influences, Arline Fisch. All this time I had heard about her Jellyfish installation and was never in the same place until last week at Mobilia Gallery! Quite a few other metals artists utilizing textile techniques have their work on display there, also. Really wonderful experience, Thank you, Sharon!!

Back in Japan I am filling out a couple residency applications between naps.

My friend Arthur has an upcoming group show at Gallery Hasu no Hana “Endless Dialogue” along with fiber artist Sashiko Teramura and Michiko Fujita. Starts Sat, July 8.

Being back in Tokyo area has really opened up a few more options regarding printing for my macro photography work so I’m looking forward to see how far I can push this line.

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