Textiles and Robots and Kimono Roboto

Courtesy of a friend with Yaskawa Electric, I rec’d an invitation to the Int’l Robot Exhibition at Tokyo Big Sight. Amazing to see all the various applications of robots in development, how each company creates a ‘look’ for their robots, and how they are being marketed at this industry trade show.

Taping Boxes: Will it wrap B-day gifts?

Does a nice job of taping ones packages – Will it wrap B-day gifts, too?

Alongside the 2018 Autumn/Winter Japan Fashion Week (JFW) are the Premium Textile & Creation textile trade shows. Perfect timing for me as I’m considering adding textile pieces as an extension of my artwork. Had a lovely conversation with Ms. Watanabe who is the International Coordinator for JFW Textile Division.

I found so much more than I expected beyond the next great colors & next great tech fabric. This is Japan so seeing traditional fabrics that we associate as part of kimono and obi fabrics can be custom created to ones modern vision and ones new application idea! Luckily, amongst the many textile manufacturers, I found a couple that look like they will be able to suit my custom requests.

Of course, after the adventures in textiles and robots, this week needed to be culminated with a visit to the Kimono Roboto Exhibition at Omotesando Hills. Background video at the exhibition is by Bjork.

A small, elegant show, highlighting gorgeous kimonos of varying types. From the beautiful hand-painted kind to very, tiny shibori knotted designs to the intricately woven silks. Both the artisans and their works, national treasures here in Japan.

The centerpiece being a robot dressed in full kimono…a very high-tech mannequin surrounded by more high-tech robot admirers.

Today’s Bonus was seeing the Blooming Hot Chocolate at Dominique Ansel’s in Harajuku and enjoying a yummy Mont Blanc.

The poor marshmallow flower sank and the poor waitress was so embarrassed she provided my friend with a new hot chocolate and a correctly blooming flower.

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