Caran d’Arche Boutique in Ginza, Tokyo

What a beautiful shop! The Caran d’Arche Boutique in Ginza, Tokyo has bright new art supplies, all perfectly organized, I had to go! My skills at using these kinds of supplies is still quite new but a friend sat at the materials testing bar and soaked it all in. Watch the short video of herContinue reading “Caran d’Arche Boutique in Ginza, Tokyo”

Sketchbook Start

Broke open my new Midori Diary Sketchbook w/Storyboard sections on each page. Jumped right in with watercolor experiments from my friend Lori’s Art Cart of Awesome! 1. Kuretake Watercolor Pens: 2. Caran d’Arche – Watercolor Crayons 3. Watercolor Pencils I preferred the watercolor crayons as they are small, portable, and had better solubility than theContinue reading “Sketchbook Start”