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Bright Festive Fruits & Vegetables in Chinatown HNL

Each morning Chinatown and I awaken to bright, festive fruits and vegetables being set out. From rambutan to bananas to kohlrabi to dried mushrooms by the pound! I am a well fed Artist-in-Residence here at Ark of the Unicorns! [gallery ids="75819,75820,75821,75822,75823" type="rectangular"] Peek among the boxes...did you see the kitty behind the durian? [gallery ids="75827,75828,75829,75830,75831" type="rectangular"] Deep Pink Dragonfruit, not quite ripe persimmons, black or white mysterious (to me) fungi... [gallery ids="75835,75836,75837,75838,75839" type="rectangular"] Prices here are some of the best in town for fruits and vegets, on this heavily populated island a huge majority of food is imported and crazy expensive. Red Peppers are often $4.99/lb in the grocers, but here in Chinatown they are about $1.79/lb if you don't mind the misshapen ones. [gallery ids="75843,75844,75845,75846,75847" type="rectangular"] More than just your servings of fruits and vegetables, Chinatown also has several kitchen and home shops to complete your meals. [gallery ids="75853,75854,75855,75856,75857" type="rectangular"] Meats available include parrot fish and chicken's feet: [gallery ids="75861,75862,75863,75864,75865" type="rectangular"] Follow my art adventures on Instagram: StudioDeanna Also check out my work and that of others in the Ark of the Unicorns gallery space & artist residency.