Hoooked Zpagetti Review – Throw Rug Serendipity

Update: May 2015 – I have been using this rug daily since I made it and have washed it several times in the washing machine using cold water. It needs to then be laid flat and air dried. Still looks great and has held up well. Hoooked Zpagetti is big, fun t-shirt material yarn thatContinue reading “Hoooked Zpagetti Review – Throw Rug Serendipity”

Stitch in Public Kit

Quite often I find myself meeting other crafty stitch friends around Tokyo. I load up my zip bags with what I need to move forward on the project that day and jump on the train. So ultimately my most needed items bounce from zip bag to zip bag. I finally created a perfect Stitch-in-Public stitch kit,Continue reading “Stitch in Public Kit”