Art Bin Participation at Yokohama Museum of Art

By appointment, I got my chance to throw my bad bit of art into Michael Landy’s Art Bin installation located inside the Yokohama Museum of Art. An interesting western idea being executed in a most Japanese way. Mentioned in an earlier post, I created a large black snowflake that turned out to look like aContinue reading “Art Bin Participation at Yokohama Museum of Art”

Good (Bad?) Enough to Bin It!

Yes! That really great idea I had that turned out to be not such a great idea is going in the Bin. More precisely, Michael Landy’s Art Bin at  Yokohama’s Museum of Art.  As mentioned in my Decluttering Art post, what cannot be reclaimed, repurposed or given away to even one’s mother to love will needContinue reading “Good (Bad?) Enough to Bin It!”