Still not a Knitter – Success and Failures in 2014

“Learn to Knit” was on my on 2014 New Year’s Resolution list, staring at me all year long. In 2015 that goal is now a stern glare. Or is that a look of jealousy as I play faithfully each day with my crochet hooks?

The beautiful, wood knitting needles that were given to me have sat in a perfectly sized, zip bag that held my Uniqlo Room Shoes, keeping company with the instruction book, lavender yarn, and a small scarf pattern I’d like to try as a first project.

My self-organized “Learn to Knit” Kit:


Otherwise, it has a been a very successful year for me. Many of my resolutions have come to fruition; saving money, applying to artist calls, completing various art projects such as the Electric Butterflies installation, and an artist residency.

Some items have been such a spectacular success that I no longer have time to complete others. My dream to create a wire crocheted immersive butterfly garden art installation is finally happening and consumes most every hour of each day. In Mar/Apr I am to be an Artist Residence in Australia to do research on the Rainforest Butterflies and their preferred fauna in Far North Queensland!

Some resolutions came out differently than expected. For the Tokyo Art Book Fair I had originally planned to put together the cookbook I had been working on but then I came up with a completely different idea using a maps and embroidery work. Love the end results but alas, my plans to put together that cookbook has been set aside for now and I have no idea when I might get to it.

Maybe in 2015…

Friday, Jan 9, 2015 – I made my first knitting stitches!! My lovely friend Ellen took pity on me after seeing my knitting fail post in Instagram and thought me how to knit! I can now cast on and do the garter stitch. I’ve already been asked to knit a pair of socks. Maybe in 2016…

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