Spring Pop-Up Shop

3 days only! Starting Friday, March 19 through Sunday, March 21 please shop Art Byte Critique’s online Spring Pop-Up Shop. 11 participating artists are opening their shops as the cherry blossoms are opening here in Japan.

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Art Byte Critique, founded in 2012, is an group of artists in the Tokyo Bay Area consisting of both Japanese and international artists who provide support and share ideas.

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MARIKO JESSE: Mariko is an award-winning illustrator and printmaker, and her art can be found in public and private collections around the world. She is currently based in Tokyo, and splits her time between California, Asia and London.

NICK WEST: Nick West is an artist interested in language, in its repetition and variation. He has recently begun a series called Asemic Writing, where he uses ink on paper to produce pages of wordless letter forms. 

DEANNA GABIGA: Deanna Gabiga is a metals and fiber artist creating meticulously stitched, hand crafted works inspired by our natural world. Her roots in fiber arts and experience as a metalsmith bring a unique dichotomy to her work creating sculptures, wall hangings, and photography.

ARTHUR HUANG: Since 2015, I have been making automatic-like drawings. These drawings are made almost everyday during my commutes and moments of down time. The marks are conceived in the moment of drawing so they are influenced by my mood and environment. During the ABC Spring Pop Up Shop event, domestic customers (within Japan) can purchase the Daily Drawings for ¥20000 with free shipping when they select the ABC SPRING POPUP promotion code. International customers can purchase the Daily Drawings for $250.00 (USD) with free shipping when they select the ABC SPRING POPUP promotion code.

BIX FIFE: Bix asks 抽象画: What ?
A meeting between the emotional and the rational side of human beings and an exploration of individual freedom vs a group . . . Works and words of 14 hearts, Bix Fife and a group of 13 abstract drawers. The dates are 27 March to 4 April from 11am to 7pm (Sundays to 5pm) at Gallery A Bientot.

John is a contemporary artist from the UK residing in Japan. His work raises awareness of how art enhances us in the way we think, live, and experience. He searches for an alternative reality distilling it using traditional and digital methods. It is what he describes as a realisation of the movement of time, and space that we are in. His art is rich and energetic. Well appreciated, exhibited, and collected in Europe, and Asia.

Life is stressful, relax with great art, and wonderful stories from Tokyo Collective. Each issue features different stories and unique art styles from a collection of international and local artists.

Misako Oba has been exhibited at galleries and art fairs internationally and her works are held in private, corporate, and national permanent collections. She has been specializing in mixed media and in photography. In this shop, she is introducing her small acrylic study paintings for the first time.

Yuko is showcasing five artist books including her latest publication “Works of Heat” and most popular “The Great Stillness”, both of which are compilations of photographic works of the same name. “Thought Collection” features Yuko’s first set of drawings which present key concepts underlying her creative processes.

Illustrator and comics creator currently based in Sweden. Organizes art shows and self-publishes her comics and visual stories, mostly using risograph printing. Co-founder of ToCo – the Tokyo Collective, which promotes visual story anthologies and showcases participants original artwork annually.

American-French artist Natale Adgnot makes abstract wall sculptures with thermoplastic adhered to painted panels. Her work taps into cognitive biases such as stereotyping and pareidolia (seeing patterns in random information) to reflect on the elusiveness of truth. Alternating between grayscale and shockingly colorful palettes, her graphic compositions blur the line between drawing and sculpture and invite interpretation by the viewer like seeing shapes in clouds. 

Published by Studio Deanna

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