Mokuhanga Surprise – Art Adventure in Honolulu

During my Artist Residency here at Ark of the Unicorns in Honolulu, Hawaii, Thursday’s Art Adventure was to meet up with my friend Mia O. She is here for the International Mokuhanga Conference and we met up at UH Manoa’s Main Gallery at the Walk-thru for the selected artists show. As mentioned before, Mia has received a Recognition Award from the Hawaii State Foundation on Culture and the Arts!

Across the hall is UH Manoa’s Commons Gallery which is showing more mokuhanga work, “Into the Fold,” including a set of (6) additional pieces of Mia’s work. Mia has generously provided additional prints to be included in the Open Studios at Chinatown Artists Lofts where Ark of the Unicorns is. Please stop by on Oct 6 to see!

Found such a lovely surprise at the “Into the Fold” show! I recognized Patty Hudak’s prints there also! She is also a member of Art Byte Critique as are Mia & I. Gorgeous work, Patty! Her pieces are the set of (3) on the bottom row.

Took a few more photographs of work…Enjoy!!

The risks we take as artists…unfortunately they hung Kate’s work sideways :\ But a good sense of humor had her laughing about it.

Hmm…Interestingly I chose to photograph mostly blue prints, there really was a great variety of work shown in a complete range of colors!

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Mia O, Patty Hudak, and I are all members of Art Byte Critique out of Tokyo, Japan

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