“Leap and the Net Will Appear” – Julia Cameron

After decades of deliberation, finally in 2010, I decided what I wanted to be when I grew up: an Artist!

Then came the hard part; The Leap! Where do I start? How do I begin this new journey that I really felt like I was coming in late to the game?

Just as I made my leap, My net appeared in the form of The Artist’s Way being facilitated by Rachel Moore. As a self-described Adult-onset Artist, my biggest hurdle to moving forward was ME! My fears and insecurities were many along this new path as an artist.

Working through The Artist’s Way chapter by chapter with Rachel Moore really helped me tackle these issues and focus my way forward into the new me as an Artist. I feel like the course helped me grow a stronger connection with my creativity.

There have been many successful endeavors since with my latest success being a group gallery showing I had with friends in the Art Byte Critique Group here in Tokyo. Seeing the culmination of the new skills I’ve learned, the wonderful new friends I’ve met, and gaining the experience of showing my work has been phenomenal!

I have moved 4 times since 2010, but my focus to move forward as an artist has remained steadfast and my creative work continues to flourish. Strong friendships have been forged with those I met for the first time in the class, through which I have met yet more amazing people.

Starting in January, Rachel Moore of San Diego Creative Connection will again be facilitating The Artist’s Way. Providing both a Daytime and an Evening class at Hera Hub in San Diego area, I highly, highly recommend anyone interested in improving their creative life to leap on the early bird pricing offer! 

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