La Petite

Great showing yesterday for the One Little “Island” Artist Collective‘s La Petite Art Exhibition at Square Barrels!! And there’s more good news: We have received permission to continue showing our pieces through Wednesday, Aug 12!


10 talented ladies showing 19 works of art in various mediums. We thank everyone who came out to visit our exhibition and appreciate all of your support!


Work by Kelly, Deanna, & Brandi


– Just a Drop & Raspberry Lace – 

Both pieces are available for purchase, inquiries studiodeanna (at) me (dot) com

IMG_1488 IMG_1487

Menu inserts for the hungry customers!

More pieces in the show, apologies for the poor smart phone photography:


Anna Szafranski’s ceramic pieces


Rebecca Mae Elenbaas’s multimedia work


Danielle Halford

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