Jetlag & BBQ = an Amazing New Friend!

About a year and a half ago, still horribly jet-lagged from an overseas trip, I attended a BBQ hosted by a coworker of my husband’s. I didn’t know anyone that was there and of course there was a lot of shop talk and gossip so my cranky, jet-lagged self just pulled out a bit of crochet work to complete while I simply listened.

I didn’t realize my work on a simple dishcloth would draw so much attention including that of our host, Akiko. She asked to learn and we met at a nearby coffee shop the next week. Our first crochet session was the completion of a small round coaster and the start of a really sweet friendship.

We met most Mondays, sometimes Wednesdays and each worked on our respective crochet projects. In this all too short 18 months, it has been amazing to see her progress from a beginner to an expert through persistence and patience. We are both moving away from this area and will no longer be able to sit at Tully’s together while completing rows and rows of lacework.

She gifted me one of her most amazing pieces to date and I am so very, very happy she was brave enough to approach this very cranky crocheter that October day. I will miss our sessions so very much,

Thank You Akiko for being such a wonderful friend!

She completed this very large doily, approx 12″ across, in the smallest of lace thread!

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