In-Between Large Projects

I can finally see the floor of my tatami room studio again! Finishing one big project and before jumping into the next big projects(s), I’ve spent my time “spring” cleaning my studio.

As a very visual person I like to see all my options at one time. All my pieces, all my mediums displayed within easy reach as I work. In reality, this means pulling everything from their boxes, drawers, and shelves out onto whatever flat surface I can find, so by the end of a project it looks like my studio has projectile vomited all over itself.

This In-Between Large Projects time is all about putting these items back in their home, deciding if I really need to keep 6 different kinds of metalsmithing hammers and where to hang my latest art acquisitions.

I do have a couple of small creative projects going that I pick up during breaks in the deep cleaning but have essentially kept the major projects on the back burner. Yet, their presence still leaks through, the ideas still simmering and flowing out:

1. Last night I tweaked my Tako Stir Fry Recipe with a bit of kabocha.

2. Decided the Travel Journal Art Books I am creating need a larger number of pages than what I am currently putting together.

3. That pot of simmering projects on the horizon may be on a bit too high the more I watch video podcasts. I’m beginning to think video documenting my progress wire crocheting the Tropical Butterfly Garden art installation will be a great idea!

Eek! Turning that burner down a bit.

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