Ensō: Black, White, and Midnight Blue Photography

Enso 3D White and Black Photography

I’m super excited and honored to be included in Linda Gould’s 2nd curated issue of the online magazine White Ensō. Focusing on life, writings, and artwork inspired by living in Japan, visit White Ensō and be inspired in turn. Thank You Linda for including my interdisciplinary photography series Ensō.

Visit my page in White Ensō to see my complete Ensō collection of 5 images and my artist statement about what it feels like to work with wire, creating a 3D sculpture of an icon of calligraphy and Buddhist culture. Read Jim Harrington’s interview of Linda Gould to learn more about what it takes to be the managing editor for White Ensō.

My work is interdisciplinary in nature with me often taking photographs of my fiber and wire textile works to see the work through another point of view. The lens of the camera catches imbalances in the form or stitches out of place so it helps me adjust my work to meet its purpose and it also allows for me to play with creating  2-dimensional artworks while enjoying the physicality of creating 3-dimensional sculptural forms.

Photographing my 30cm wide Ensō sculpture, meant for a small garden setting, or calm space in your home, allows me the ability to exponentially increase the size of my 2D work. The viewer can then get a better look at each crochet stitch, created from multiple loops, in a comfortable meditative fashion. A single loop that is 1cm in real life, is now multiple centimeters, fit for a dramatic accent wall.

And what of the original wire crochet sculpture? Coincidentally my Ensō, as of this writing is only two steps away from completion. One very large step and then a final putting-the-pieces-together step. It is almost ready for the show at the gallery in Kyoto in October. I want to make sure it is all together as I intended before I reveal the completed piece. I have made a couple of adjustments since this series of photographs was taken earlier this year. Sign up to receive Studio News! to see the changes I made and how its final form came to be and the show where it will make its debut.

Currently only available as Fine Art Paper and Canvas Prints through Saatchi Art. I like to have my wire work photography to be printed on aluminum closing the loop back home to metal. Currently looking for a good source for the metal prints.

For more Japan inspired arts and writing by Linda follow her on IG: White Ensō.

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