Drawing Momiji at Yutenji Temple

Went to an impromptu drawing class with a friend on Sunday in the Yutenji area of Tokyo. I need all the practice I can get as I have great difficulties creating 2D artwork.


While it was a warm sunny day for December here, it was still cold! December, people!! We went as a group to Yutenji Temple and had two drawing sessions of about 25 minutes each with each followed by a critique. The group consisted of about 50% Internationals, 50% Japanese and while the other artists seemed very nice and a wide range of final drawings, I really, really didn’t like the facilitator.

His critiques reminded me of my professor in the first drawing class I ever took in college. Just plain rude. Thankfully I’m past worrying about what others think of my 2D work, but I did feel bad for younger attendees who might feel as bad as I did during that class I took in college.  Although, considering neither English nor Japanese are his first language I’ll cut him a break for now.

There was to be a third drawing session but as the sun was setting and we were already cold as popsicles my friend and I left in search of hot drinks.

This is as far I got on the first drawing session, inspired by the momiji in the temple, just needs a bit of color:


Maybe someday I’ll add in the beautiful burgundy…in the meantime, back to my regularly scheduled wire crochet design work.

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