Creativity Powered by Tako 蛸

The amazing selection of delicious seasonal fresh fruits, vegetables, and seafood in even the most mundane grocery store here in Japan has really peaked my interest in cooking. Of all the ingredients readily available, my respect for Octopus has continued to increase as I explore all the options available for cooking this nutrition packed Mollusk. Yes, technically it inhabits the same branch on the biological tree as clams.

3oz of Octopus contains 45% RDA of Iron, whereas 3oz of Beef contains only 8% of RDA of Iron.



AND Octopus contains 25g of protein in that same 3oz vs. Beef’s 23g of protein. These are just two of the many reasons Octopus, 蛸, Tako in Japanese, has become a common cooking ingredient in our household. The other day I sliced it up and made Teriyaki Tako along with the deliciously plump King Trumpet Mushrooms.

Compare for yourself, be sure the serving size for each is set to the same amount for best comparison:

Octopus Nutrition Data:

Beef Nutrition Data:

Anyone else enjoy Octopus for dinner?

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