Colorful Malaysia!

Just had a wonderful time in Malaysia over Thanksgiving and found a lot of inspiration. The sights are colorful, the food options are colorful, the sounds are colorful and even the smells are colorful!


Batu Caves

StudioDeanna_Malaysia7 StudioDeanna_Malaysia8

Details: A pond plant growing in my friend’s yard. A sculpture at Heli Lounge:

StudioDeanna_Malaysia1 StudioDeanna_Malaysia2

Petronas Towers:


Dim Sum at Din Tai Fung in KL


Then it was off to Malacca/Melaka, a great little town steeped in the history of a great influx of various nationalities over the centuries.


StudioDeanna_Malaysia10  Looks can be decieving, this little bush has had someone patiently place each and every one of these fake little flowers onto it.

The year of the horse is coming to a close soon. StudioDeanna_Malaysia11

StudioDeanna_Malaysia12 A wall in a ceramic studio, then a bright little block print shop. Each of the bells above the shop are actually old cans that have been repurposed.


 Lovely detail from a pillar, incense in a gourd shaped vessel:StudioDeanna_Malaysia15



StudioDeanna_Malaysia16 I love very spicy food and found the Malay claypot dish of Assam Padas with stingray to be perfectly VERY spicy!!




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