Ceramics Workshop with Magdalene Odundo OBE – Part II

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More than just a bit of pottery was done during the amazing workshop with Magdalene Odundo. Visits to Iolani Palace, Mission Houses Museum, Pali Lookout, and Bishop Museum happened, also. Plus here’s a look at work others in the workshop created. Clearly they have more experience than I :)

Combining their own style with lessons from Magdalene…I never knew one could create a vessel upside down!

Archery in a gorgeous location at Chozen-Ji Zen Buddhist Temple also provided a few haikyo photography opportunities. The tourou lay on the ground aging like a rotting corpse.

Most of the other artists were much faster than I and completed multiple pieces:


We also received a guided tour at Bishop Museum by Marques Hanalei Marzan, Cultural Advisor. He is experienced with the traditional fibers and their uses along with reverse engineering fiber techniques that have been lost to bring them back. With my fiber background I connected with the museum more than I had before in the past:



The Magdalene Odundo Workshop was organized by Hawaii Craftsmen.

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