Beyond the Stitch Work – Artist Residency in Hawaii

My Artist Residency at Ark of the Unicorns was meant to accomplish crochet designs of the human figure and the connections we make with each other. Instead, of simply stitching connections in wire, I also made the best ones myself, in person.

In both her ceramics workshop and her speaking engagement Magdalene Odundo spoke of her own work which is often modeled on the human form. Beautiful, simple, clean lines which show the very essence of the figures they are representing.

Magdalene also spoke of “visual literacy” in the workshop and also its importance within her jurying process. Visual literacy, the ability to read/interpret visual input such as symbols or actions. In the workshop she also referred to it as being able to ‘see’ measurements. Such as having a good idea of how long a measurement is such as 50cm. Falling back on her graphic design experience with this reference.


Through these ideas I felt able to connect with her clay lessons and others in the class despite working with a medium that feels completely divergent to anything else  in which I’ve worked.

Bernice Akamine made a studio visit. It was good to speak with another wire artist and wonderful to hear her advice regarding some of my work and loved that she also said what she didn’t like! It helps a LOT! Her beautifully beaded wire jellyfish  pieces were also accepted in Hawai’i Craftsmen’s Annual Statewide Juried Exhibition.


Staying active with Hawai’i Craftsmen arts organization of crafters has been so important for me and it’s through another HC member that I have had this artist residency opportunity! Thanks, Nanci <3


The Chinatown Neighborhood is a character in itself, the ebb & flow fruits & vegets, restaurants, people, and events holds tight to it’s demands. This is it. Love it or leave it. My most difficult, most impactful connection.


About a year and a half ago I had a studio in the same building as Solomon Enos, an intensely creative, prolific artist here in Honolulu. Saw that work he had done was painted over and was disappointed. I did happen by again and saw him creating  new work over the old painted over mural. Good to reconnect with him and to see he is doing well.


Saturdays with Chloe always showed fresh and happy, potential and possibilities for all that we talked of anything but and everything about art. These are connections to be kept beyond the artist residency.

Thank You ever so much to all <3

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