All Four Seasons – My Latest Art Adventures

2015 has been a very eventful year! It’s still going strong and thankfully so am I.


“The artist must participate in the epoch in which he lives; he must be of his country, of his people if he wants to be authentic.” – Francesco Oller

This is a great book about Hawaiian Islands history. A good outline of what various people brought here or what drew them here and when they arrived on the islands.


Found myself in the local library studying again for another botanical art installation. Many of the flora we think of as native to Hawaii are actually imports with some being quite invasive. I began to see myself in some of the species and began to ask questions about what kind of life do I want to have here in Hawaii. Will I become naturalized and flourish here? Or will I be just another non-native, invasive as the Strawberry Guava?


In between the book studying and meeting new friends, I have found myself playing with the shadows and light as I work on various wire crochet designs.


SOLD!! Thanks to an art lover, these four seasons have been sold via the Mixed Media Miniature 18  exhibition at Koa Art Gallery. A great way to round out my 4th show of the year!


My small steps into the world of knitting continue. A failed 2014 New Year’s Resolution has found success in 2015.

Have a great holiday season everyone!

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