Thank You!

My Four Seasons Hanging Scroll Project at Hagiso Gallery is now finished and it has been an amazing experience!


Thank you so much to everyone who has attended the show. Thank You so much for the flowers MinoriSan! Thank you so so very much to those made purchases.


Thank You to so many of you who have provided moral support from around the world. Understandably many of you are unable to just hop a flight or unfurl their sails to Tokyo see my Four Season Hanging Scroll Project in person. Your support and encouragement have been very much appreciated.


This project and the amazing support has helped me push a few more ideas forward which you will see here in the future. Thank you to my fellow members in Art Byte Critique, I feel very lucky to have found a great group of artists in which to do a show. I’m looking forward to seeing how much our work evolves in our future endeavors.

Stay Tuned! ありがとうございました、みんなさん!

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