Water Vessels

Hand-crocheted wire vessel, ewer

Water Vessels Sculpture Series – Thirst

Addressing our coming water crisis by creating vessels & sculptural forms that are designed to hold water or be water yet are unable to do as is their purpose. Having lived in areas of the world with an abundance of water and other areas with little water, and most recently, Hawai’i, which seemed to have enough fresh water until it was announced that oil storage tanks were leaking above the underground water used by the city. Overnight, even plentiful water supplies can become lost.

Hand-crocheting blue colored copper wire to evoke the idea of water, the wire also represents the hidden damage mining copper & other materials devastates water systems which in turn then destroys ecosystems and lives in faraway lands so we may have electricity in our homes & enjoy our smartphones.

Deep blue wire crocheted ewer demonstrating a vessel made to hold water is incapable of doing so

This hand-crocheted Ewer is inspired by water pitcher designs from the Ottoman Empire. Evoking the concept of water, yet addressing the worldwide water issues with its inability to hold that which it was originally designed to contain.

A small wire crocheted vessel with colored copper water sloshing over the edge onto a hand crocheted fiber doily puddle

Slow drips are becoming huge Drop(v.)s, and soon this water crisis will be a raging river. Slosh(v.) shows our daily small wastes and the artist is taking up the challenge to be mindful of the entire hydrological cycle on our planet.

Dali inspired wire crochet water drop design with dripping water puddle
Water Drop – inspired by Dali

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