~ Endangered Oceans ~

Fiber Art Wall Installation

42 x 38” (1067mm x 97mm)

Fiber, Plastic Yarn, Ghost Nets

(5) Pieces


My artwork revolves around textiles; the creation of, the deconstruction of, the transformation of, and the recreation of entirely new textiles. From a single line of fibers and/or metals, I create beautiful textiles while telling a story. These stories are of personal experiences or something I have witnessed in my travels. These textiles I stitch together and then examined more closely, often with macro photography which in turn provides material to create more textiles in yet another form.
A single thread becomes another and another and in its infinity and multiplicity a story comes together. Combining these infinite threads creates more colors and the palette in which I explore becomes larger. Endangered Oceans is a piece in which I also explore color. Blues; warm tropical blues to the deeper and darker ocean blues. I have spent my life not liking the color blue, yet when I moved to Hawai’i, blue became a fascination for me. I felt like I saw the color blue for the first time and much of my work most recently has been around the color blue and its various facets.
My life and travels have been surrounded by the ocean and each place I go it is common to see ghost netting washing ashore and entangling with wildlife. It is ubiquitous. Destroying so much more than the fish it was originally meant to capture. Endangered Oceans represents the gorgeous blues I have encountered, the bright pops of corals, and the sparkling flashes of fish. You can see the ghost netting floating in the layers of ocean waters, hiding under its gorgeous waves.

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