Weather Vessel

Crochet work involves a lot of sitting, which leads to thinking, which inevitably leads to trouble. The deep shattering realization that there are no pink butterflies eventually brought me around to what will I do when I have finished the Butterfly Flight Prep installation piece? This trouble had me creating this multicolored vessel as stepContinue reading “Weather Vessel”

Wire Crocheted Leaf Designs

Completed several leaf designs for the Butterfly Flight Prep art installation! A few experiments with wire gauge sizes, research on the look and size of the Ulysses Butterfly eggs and I’ve made heaps of progress. The addition of white glass beads amongst the wire crochet work really work as the butterfly eggs in the leaves.Continue reading “Wire Crocheted Leaf Designs”

SPUN Fiber Exhibition – Opening Night is October 17

One of my wire & fiber crochet pieces was accepted into the SPUN Fiber Exhibit in New York! It’s great to be included with these other amazing artists! After seeing the creative names they have given their pieces I clearly need to up my name game.  “Flower” is just so “meh” when compared to ‘Colors ofContinue reading “SPUN Fiber Exhibition – Opening Night is October 17”

HoursTracker – Lepidoptera, Algebra & Crochet

According to my HoursTracker App, this past week, I have completed 17 hours 15 minutes of Research & Development and 47 minutes of Marketing. But just what have I accomplished in this time? I’m getting ready to place a big colored-copper wire order and wanted to be sure of the gauges, colors, prices and whichContinue reading “HoursTracker – Lepidoptera, Algebra & Crochet”

Electric Butterflies Art Installation – Photos: Shiro Oni

Now fully set up inside Kotoriya Studio, Electric Butterflies at Shiro Oni in Gunma, Japan, had its debut during Onishi’s summer festival called Natsu Matsuri. Created during my artist residency here, Electric Butterflies is an art installation exploring the demise & disposal of the electronic personality. It is a technological reclamation art installation project combiningContinue reading “Electric Butterflies Art Installation – Photos: Shiro Oni”

Packing List for my Shiro Oni Artist Residency:

Later next month I’ll be going to Shiro Oni Studios in Gunma Prefecture here in Japan for an artist residency.  I’m super excited to create the technology reclamation installation project I’ve had floating around in my head for over a year. Using my background in fibers and metals, building an installation using these materials togetherContinue reading “Packing List for my Shiro Oni Artist Residency:”