Butterfly Rainforest

Butterfly Rainforest Butterfly Rainforest Part I – Evodia Tree165cm x 150cm x 90cm) (5 1/5′ x 5′ x 3′)Colored Copper Wire, Steel Wire, Fibers, Glass Beads, Felting, Lace Thread, Embroidery Thread, Rug Hook CanvasCairns Botanic Gardens, Cairns, AustraliaTanks Arts Centre Residency2014 Photography by Michael Marzik Butterfly Rainforest – Part II, Fan Palm with Cairns BirdwingContinue reading “Butterfly Rainforest”

Water Vessels

Water Vessels Sculpture Series – Thirst Addressing our coming water crisis by creating vessels & sculptural forms that are designed to hold water or be water yet are unable to do as is their purpose. Having lived in areas of the world with an abundance of water and other areas with little water, and mostContinue reading “Water Vessels”


Ami(NET)works I move a lot, currently suturing a life between Hawai’i and Japan. My connection to any specific land is light. I grasp my network of friends tightly as it is my only lifeline, my communication.  My roots are shallow. A ghost net drifting as directives, unseen like the tides, wash me ashore. Stitches are connections, everContinue reading “Ami(NET)works”