Endangered Oceans Lightweight Wall Installation


Endangered Oceans represents the gorgeous blues I have encountered, the bright pops of corals, and the sparkling flashes of fish. You can see the ghost netting drifting in the deeper layers of ocean waters, the danger hiding under its gorgeous waves.


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Inspired while living in Hawai’i and prompted by the crisis of ghost nets washing ashore on to the gorgeous beaches, I created Endangered Oceans.
Embedded throughout the hand-crafted rug hooking project are pieces of ghost nets, which are abandoned fishing nets that drift throughout our oceans, deadly to any and all in its path from whales to sea turtles. They end up washing ashore in various places around the world far from where they originated from.
Including ghost netting in my work of art is a small act in removing it from the pristine environments in and around Hawai’i.
  • Lightweight – all pieces can easily be hung with dressmaking pins, no heavy frame
  • Each piece is also comes with thin plastic coated wire ready for immediate hanging right from the box
  • Each piece of the 5 pieces is fabric backed to ensure no damage to walls
  • Multiple configurations to suit most spaces or throughout a room
  • Ghost Net Environmental artwork
  • Beautiful artwork for your home office
  • Free Shipping Worldwide

Dimensions: Approximately 42” x 38” (1067mm x 97mm)

Materials: Natural and manmade fibers, Plastic yarn, Ghost Nets, Aluminum, Fabric, Wire
Endangered Oceans is a piece in which I also explore color. Blues; warm tropical blues to the deeper and darker ocean blues. I have spent my life not liking the color blue, yet when I moved to Hawai’i, blue became a fascination for me. I felt like I saw the color blue for the first time and much of my work most recently has been around the color blue and its various facets.
My life and travels have been surrounded by the ocean and each place I go it is common to see ghost nets washing ashore entangled with wildlife. It is ubiquitous. Destroying so much more than the fish it was originally meant to capture.