Embroidering Through My Medical Experiences: US & Japan

The human body is a crazy amazing thing. When it’s running well we feel indestructible, and when things go wrong it is a most unsettling experience. As I navigated my way through it all, the docs gave me copies of X-rays, sonograms, surgical photographs and more which I found both disturbing and fascinating at the same time. Seeing the monster within that held so much power over my moods and actions has helped me process the difficulties my conditions caused.

This series is a body of work-in-progress available for showing this summer. Here is a small beginning; X-ray on a base fabric of chiffon, 21″ x 16.5″(53cm x 42cm)


Embroidery and quilting on satin fabric photograph; Untitled, 6″ x 10″ (15cm x 26cm)


French Knotted DMC 115 into 8cm of “Bloody Mess.”


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