Book Arts: Navigation & Migration

The latest chapter in my book arts series, Navigation/Migration, is coming to Launch Pad Gallery in Yokohama, Japan. “Reading Between the Lines” is an international collaboration between the St. Helens, England book artists and those of us members of Art Byte Critique based here in Tokyo Bay area of Japan.

On a base of modern aviation charts, I have intricately embroidered travel themes throughout history. All of these are signs of human and creature navigation across our beautiful planet, sketched in thread on the modern flight maps. Using materials and textile techniques I feel most comfortable with is grounding in a time when I am often uprooted. Finding home in the uniquely diseparate countries of Japan and the US.
Migration looms large in our headlines today as if it is a strange and ugly beast. Travel has always been a common activity for both man and creatures on our planet, moving from one place to another and back again. Seasonal or vacation, permanent or exploration, we are on the move; to see, to enjoy, to experience. To live.

Reading Between the Lines Show Details:

Established in 2012 in the Tokyo/Yokohama area, Art Byte Critique responds to a desire for a community of artists interested in sharing ideas and feedback about their studio process.

Since 2014, Art Byte Critique artists have been exploring various modes of expression through artists’ books and zines. At the same time, Art Byte Critique established a connection with artists in St. Helens, England through artist Joan Birkett with the intent to develop relationships and collaborations.

This connection has happily borne fruit in 2018. Art Byte Critique artists and St. Helens artists organized a collaborative exhibition of artists’ books and zines at the Eccleston Community Library in St. Helens and the World of Glass in St. Helens this past spring. These works will also be on display at Paper Gallery in Manchester, England as part of another collaborative exhibition entitled “Turning the Page” from September 29 – November 3, 2018.

“Reading Between the Lines” at Launch Pad Gallery in Yokohama is the first collaborative artists’ books and zines exhibition for Art Byte Critique and the St. Helens artists in Japan. This exhibition will feature recent works and new works created by a number of artists for this exhibition.

In the spirit of bookmaking and collaboration, “Reading Between the Lines” will be hosting a series of workshops and events by the artists. We want to give visitors a chance to learn more about bookmaking and try their hand at bookmaking.


Jane, Barwood, Joan Birkett, Paul Cousins, Deanna Gabiga, Arthur Huang, Patty Hudak, Mariko JEsse, Yuko Kamei, AJ Malone, Jeni McConnell, Carol Miller, Julia Nascimento, Lyle Nisenholz, Mia O, Lori Ono, Jacqui Priestley, Louise Rouse, Yvonne Tinsley, Clair

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