I Am Your Reading Audience!

With over 700 eBooks on my Kindle App and over 95% of them completely read and sometimes reread, I am a voracious reader.

If you see me on my phone, I’m not reading Facebook or checking twitter. I’m reading.

If you are late to our get together, that’s ok. I’m reading.

If the train hasn’t arrived yet, that’s ok. I’m reading.

If I wake up in the middle of the night, that’s ok. Another chance to read a few more pages.

This month’s NaNoWriMo makes me happy that so many are jumping into writing more books for me to read! My creative talents do not lie in storytelling so I rely very heavily on your hard work. I have no expectation of every book I buy to be the next great American Novel. That’s not what I want to read at 2AM as I try to get back to sleep. Grand, epic literature is good for the mind-numbing trans-Pacific flights back to the states, but most days I just want a nice story. A happy ending amongst the daily grind of laundry and dirty dishes.

Don’t feel your novel is that grand best-selling story? Don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be, it just needs to be a nice, well-written story for me to be a happy reader. So please keep writing!

Your story is Non-fiction? That’s ok, too. I do buy non-fiction, also. Check out NaNonFiWriMo

Oh, And it is a really, really big help if you have it properly edited for grammar and typos!

Your Reading Audience

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